Participating Studies Information

Creative Technology – Bachelor

Creative Technology is a three-year Bachelor at the University of Twente. The students are educated in a broad range of skills, which together equip the students to create fast iterations of prototypes for a product. Within the curriculum, there is a lot of opportunities to specialise in one of the aspects of the study. Think of “hard skills”: programming, website design, electrical engineering, or “soft skills”: presenting, teamwork, and leadership. The education is centred around big projects, in which amazing products are created with all kinds of tools and materials. It gives the students the possibility to grow in skills they like and find interesting but also to take on challenges of other topics which might not be their strong points. All of this combined makes sure the students are trained to be broadly educated and innovative people who are not afraid of a challenge.

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Interaction Technology – Master

The master Interaction Technology is a two-year master that follows up on the Creative Technology bachelor. Interaction Technology students learn how to design products centred around the user. The master builds on the knowledge acquired in the bachelor. Students learn how to test products with the user and how to gather useful feedback from this which then can be processed into the design. Students are also educated to work with so-called ‘cutting edge technology’ which means that they are aware of the newest techniques within the technology. This gives them the right tools to design a complete product, test it, and assemble it.

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Study Trip Course Information

These courses are part of a two-course program that will aim at preparing the participants for the trip and add academic value to the study trip to Sweden and Norway in July 2022. Both courses will discuss a variety of topics that will show different aspects of the overarching theme: Life & Technology.

Preperatory Course

The participants will attend lectures about crossing borders and about sustainability and the cultures of the destination countries. Students will be graded on an infographic and an informative video that both revolve around the Sustainable Development Goals and how these are implemented in the destination countries and how that differs from the Netherlands.

University of Twente staff involved:
Martin Stienstra – Course guide

Exploratory Course

The participants will gain knowledge about the innovations in technology and the influences of technology. To explore and give a broad understanding of these topics six guest lectures will be given about different subjects that relate to these overarching topic. The assignment that will be graded will be an essay about one of these six guest lecture topics. Additionally, a presentation about their findings must be performed.

University of Twente staff involved:
Alma Schaafstal – Course guide
Kasia Zalewska – Course guide

Edwin Dertien – Guest lecturer
David Fernandez Rivaz – Guest lecturer
Giedo Jansen – Guest lecturer
Abhishek Singh – Guest lecturer
Peter Paul Verbeek – Guest lecturer
Ronald Voorn – Guest lecturer