Case Portfolio

During the trip, we will experience other (company)cultures and we will get a unique chance to discover Sweden and Norway. Every participant will contribute to the organisation of the trip. This means that there is a motivated group of students who are ready for all kinds of jobs. To pay for the trip and to gain valuable work experience, all participants will take on work assignments at interesting companies. This page gives an overview of all the cases we have finished during this studytrip. To get more information about what a case entails of, you can download the infosheet here.

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Case #1 BMD Parkmanagement

Commissioned by Mark van Mast, Mick and Ilse entered into discussions with companies located on the Dedemsvaart business park. They conducted research to map out and clarify the growth needs of the companies concerned. In addition, they looked into the empty space in the park for businesses in the future. Their research provides insight into the “reshoring” plans for Dutch companies in the future.

Case #2 Veluwe 65+

There is a high demand for seniors who want to perform low-skilled work, like delivery work, drivers, janitors or handymen. There may also be a demand for highly educated people over 65 who, with their knowledge and experience, have a lot to offer companies. Unfortunately, this possible question does not (yet) reach the employment agency “Veluwe 65+”. Hannah and Philippe were asked by Veluwe 65+ to research whether there is a demand for highly educated people over 65, in which sectors this demand might exist and how Veluwe 65+ can meet this demand in the labor market.

Case #3 UT – Creative Technology

The bachelor Creative Technology regularly uses a database of promotional videos that have been collected over the years. These films are used on, among other things, open days and matching days. A number of these films have become outdated and so Renske and Nathalie were asked to make new material. They collected their own film material and processed it into a professional video to be showcased on the site for potential students to see. The video can be seen here!

Case #4 De Vene

Current mobile cooling systems used by De Vene funeral supplies are generally heavy and unnecessarily noisy. In addition, the mobile cooling systems have a weak point: The cooling hose from the engine to the cooling plate. A defect of this leads to high repair bills and annoyance because you cannot redo a disclosure. De Vene commissioned Puck to work on improving the current cooling systems so that they break down less quickly.

Case #5 Roessingh

Tirza and Annabelle have been working on designing a user interface for rehabilitation center Roessingh. Roessingh, in collaboration with the University of Twente, is developing a VR environment for the rehabilitation of children with developmental disabilities (DCD) regarding learning to cycle. The user interface must convert data from this system into a clear and well-arranged feedback screen (in 2d). On this screen it is possible for the therapist to see the current state of affairs. It is also possible to see the progress compared to previous tests.

Case #6 Calo

De Calo is part of Windesheim and includes four courses: Physical Education, Psychomotor Therapy, Sports Science and an Associate Degree. Bram and Imke were given the task of creating a place for first-year students from these four study programs to feel at home in the Calo and its digital environment. The so-called propaedeutic indexer had to be digitized. In the end, Bram and Imke did this by building a website: When building the website, Imke was responsible for the design of the website and Bram for all technical implementation.