Case Coordination
The case coordination committee gives the participants the opportunity to make the expensive trip more affordable through casework. Casework, is work done for a company. It can be almost everything, however a case is preferably something that relates to our curriculum. Our students have a very wide range of knowledge, therefore there are a lot of possibilities to work together with companies.

Besides the fact that the students earn money for the amazing trip, they gain a lot of new experience by doing casework. Working with a company and seeing its culture is a very valuable learning opportunity, especially for the students who thus far have not had much experience working at a company. In this way casework can help our students to make an important step toward their own career choices in the future.

By working with our foundation, there are also many advantages for the partnered companies. Our students bring extremely up to date knowledge about cutting edge technologies in the field. This gives the students a true look into the future. Of course, our students will not forget the companies they worked at and might want to come back to them later on in their academic or professional future. For companies, it is a unique opportunity to get in touch with the future of the field.

If you are a company and you would like more information on how we could collaborate, you can find our infosheet here.

To contact this committee please send an e-mail at

Corporate Contact
Corporate Contact is in charge of contacting companies in the destination countries and organising visits there. Important aspects are, amongst others, a professional attitude towards the work. When contacting these companies, we represent not only the current study trip and its participants, but also the Creative Technology Bachelor, the Interaction Technology Master, the University of Twente, and, in a way, Enschede and the Netherlands itself. Hence, it is of great significance to make clear what our standpoint and vision are, which can be represented through our professionalism and code of conduct. 

One requirement that needs to be fulfilled in order to qualify for subsidy by the SRC, is to fill at least ⅔ of the working days of the study trip with company visits, university visits or visits that add educational value to the study trip. 

That means that there are quite a number of days, or half days, to be filled with visits. These need to be located in the vicinity of the destination countries and the cities that are being visited, as well as related to Creative Technology and/or Interaction Technology. 

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Corporate Identity
This committee is meant for everything concerning the visuals and the visual representation of the study trip. This goes from the logo to the trip’s booklet and more.

The purpose of the committee is to decide on all the visual assets concerning the trip. Not only will they be responsible for the visual appearance of the trip on paper and in printing, but also online. If another committee needs something to be designed for them (for example a thank you gift for companies) the corporate identity committee can be the one fulfilling these requests.

To contact this committee please send an e-mail at

This committee is meant for providing the study trip with the added educational value that comes from participating in and preparing for the trip.

The purpose of the committee is to find study subjects related to the study trip’s theme for all participants to follow. They will also need to find the requirements for the pre- and post-reports to be eligible for the SRC subsidy. The committee is the end-responsible for the report that all participants contribute to. The pre-report discusses the theme, learning goals and conducted research prior to the trip. The post-report is published after the study trip takes place, adding to the pre-report with everything that has been learned and experienced during the trip.

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This committee is responsible for making and distributing clear and complete itineraries to participants, making sure all activities are found and booked and maintaining contact with our travelling agency. They also track all relevant data of participants to make sure all their basic and special needs are met and/or taken into account as much as possible and emergency plans being in place for when things go wrong on location. Lastly, they are responsible for most of the contents of the participant booklet such as the itinerary, food recommendations and a preparatory guide for anything participants might face on location. All this is done in close contact with the Corporate Contact committee (itinerary) and the Corporate Identity committee (booklet).

To contact this committee please send an e-mail at