Applications are currently closed! This page is still present for reference purposes.

A study trip is a multiple week-long trip to a faraway country together with a group of students from Creative Technology and Interaction Technology who are joined by a few staff members of the programmes. The focus around such a trip is education, research and expanding the worldview of the students. During the trip a lot of companies are visited to build relationships between these companies and the students, the study programmes and the UT. Not only will the students see how these companies operate in their field of business, but also how this can be tied into what research has been conducted prior to the trip.

What work is involved?
To get to that point preparations have to be made. Foundation ICE does this together with the participants, mainly by committee work. As a participant, you do committee work that helps the organisation for the whole trip. Committees like the Case Coordination, Corporate Contact, Corporate Identity, Education and Logistics ensures that this trip can take place.

As this is a study trip you can earn ECs as well. The course is centred around a theme that we’ll hopefully explore more during our trip as well. We want to deepen our knowledge around this theme and for the participants to broaden their horizon in an internationally oriented academic environment.

Finally, to help with funding this trip we will do so-called casework. This casework will be with a Dutch company for a specific job, see it as a side-job. Not only does this help in earning money for the trip, but it can also be a good opportunity to build a connection with a company and get some job experience!

What are the benefits of a studytrip?

  • Amazing trip!
  • Committee experience
  • Work experience through casework
  • Interesting courses and extra ECs (to be used instead of an elective in M11)
  • Contact with companies (in NL and on our destination)

Breath of Technology specific part – What, when, how, who, where, why?
From July 8th – July 31st 2022

To Australia (Sydney & Melbourne) and New Zealand (Auckland)

Visit to Creative Technologies at the Auckland University of Technology. A bachelor programme very closely resembling the beginnings of CreaTe.

Already a lot of positive feedback from smaller start-up companies when asking if we could visit them.

Fun group of people!

Interested? – How to apply
The slides of the Information Presentation can be found here and its recording can be found here.

The study trip is open to anyone from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of Creative Technology and to anyone from the Interaction Technology program, given that the applicant has earned 90EC by July 2022. To join the trip an advanced payment of 2650,= will have to be paid. This is a lot of money, but a big part will hopefully be paid back.

If you are interested in joining this amazing group of people, still very motivated to make this amazing trip happen you need to send in the following before June 20th to

  • CV – Summarising who you are and what year in which study you do, a picture of yourself, your skills etc.
  • Motivational letter – Why should we take you on the study trip? What committee are you interested in joining to make this trip happen? Do you have any contact in the Netherlands for casework? Do you have contacts in Australia or New Zealand that might be of interest for the study trip? What do you hope to get out of this trip and what do you have to add?

    Once these documents have been received by the board you will get an invitation for an application interview.

    In the week of the 28th of June, these interviews will take place. You’ll receive an invitation by e-mail.