The Journey Begins

Jul 12, 2018 | ExplorAsia

Good evening everyone!

Yesterday was the first day of the Study Trip to South Korea & Japan. Here is how it went;

We started of with 9 participants at the Enschede Central Station, we had an exciting train ride to Schiphol Airport to meet everyone else.

After check-in we were ready for the long flight ahead. We even ended up watching Croatia vs. England football match on board!







We had a quick layover at Istanbul and then we got on the flight to SEOUL.






As soon  as we landed you could see the smiles on everyone’s face 🙂






It may have been a long flight however we still had energy for a little surprise!

It was Alma Schaafstal’s birthday! And of course we got ready to surprise her while she was waiting for our arrival.

Happy Birthday Alma!




On the bus ride from the airport to our hostel we got a first view on Seoul’s impressive skyline. Everyone was fascinated with the beauty of this city.First impression of Seoul

Finally, we arrived at our accommodation, the hostel ‘Beewon’, where we are going to stay for the next six days.

Make sure to stay tuned for all the adventures!

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