Monozukuri tour

Jul 23, 2018 | ExplorAsia

Good morning, afternoon or evening to you!

Today, we woke up, well rested in our new kyoto-based beds, ready to face the day.We all made our way downstairs to enjoy a briefing and a german breakfast: a hotdog bun with a sausage.

After this, we split into two groups: one visited Hacarus, an e-care startup that utilized AI for healthcare related products, and one software producing startup called Nota. I joined Nota, and I had a great morning learning about this Silicon Valley-styled startup company. Their apps are called Scrapbox and Gyazo, two incredibly useful and nifty apps. Gyazo was one of the first screenshot and screensharing applications and Scrapbox is aimed at companies for information sharing and structuring.

After a good q&a session we headed over to the local Doshisha university for some lunch. I had the most delicious bowl of udon noodles I’d ever tasted. Finally, we made our way over to the makers garage where the other group was already waiting for us. The makers garage is a small fablab for students and startups with a wonderful atmosphere. Sabrina, from the makers garage, gave us a great talk about the local company and startup scene. Later, a Japanese guy called Sushi gave us more insight into the Japanese culture which was great. Our group of knowledge-hungry travellers is very good at asking interesting but endless questions, so the afternoon turned into more of a never-ending AMA. They ordered pizza for dinner for us, which was really good.A great day, and more to come tomorrow!

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