Sep 13, 2017 | ExplorAsia

The logistics committee has the big responsibility of planning the study trip. They will make a schedule which states when we are where, and how we are going to get there on time. Of course, costs should be taken into account as well! This is a big task, since we will be doing many different things and visit many different places in a short amount of time. To plan this ahead will be complex. Sometimes, one event cannot be planned before another event is confirmed. To manage all this, Logistics is making a global planning of the months/year to come. They also already have looked into flights and accomodation. The earlier you buy those, the cheaper it will be.

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Day 17 – 25/07/2022: Full free day in Bergen!

Today was the second free day in Bergen. Since it is also Kim’s birthday, we celebrated her with a small gift and some singing! After having a nice and calm breakfast at the hostel, small groups went out to explore Bergen more. For example, one group climbed up the...

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Day 16 – 24/07/2022: Conquering Mount Ulriken!

Today marked our first day waking up in the cool fresh mountain air of Bergen. Today was the big day we would conquer Mount Ulriken, so the day started with a fulfilling breakfast in the hostel. Our new hostel in Bergen is the first place where breakfast is provided,...

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Day 15 – 23/07/2022: Travelling to Bergen

Travel day again! Today we will travel to Bergen by train. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful train rides, so everyone is very excited. First, we had a nice breakfast at our hostel chamber. During our breakfast, some great stories were revealed to the...

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