Last Planned Day

Jul 31, 2018 | ExplorAsia

Almost at the end of the trip, today was the last planned day… Our destination was the MORI Building Digital Art Museum by teamLab Borderless! We think that this was the most creative museum we have been so far. TeamLab Borderless is a group of artworks that form one borderless world. The artworks more freely, connect with each other and interact with the users in the environment. In this complex there are 520 computers, 470 projectors in a 10,000 square meter space.

Here are some of our favourites from today;

Forest of Lamps, Wander Through the Crystal World, Flowers and People Forest are only some of them in this magical world…

Afterwards we split into groups and here are some of the other things we have seen:

Some of us went to the KitKat Chocolatory. Since 2012 KitKat has been the most popular chocolate in Japan according to Nestle. In this chocolatory you can pick flavours of KitKat such as Purple Potato, Cinnamon Cookie, Green Tea and Matcha and many many more! We definitely suggest taking a look here before leaving Tokyo!

Another group explored the area of the museum called “Odaiba”, a man made island in Tokyo bay known for its wide selection of shopping, dining and leisure options. Our first stop was the shopping mall “Venus Fort”, which is not only attractive because of the variety of shops and restaurants it features but also because of its special interior design that is inspired by Medieval Europe. The streets of that time are recreated and the ceiling imitates the sky. After a quick shopping tour we went on to “The MEGA WEB”, Toyota’s showroom exhibiting their most recent models and other cars and offering various VR and AR experiences. There was even an opportunity to test-drive one of the cars, but since no one of us had the required license with them, we had to skip that. Instead, we were ‘test-sitting’ some cars, which was also quite fun.

We are off to Karaoke, so until next time!

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