Last day!

Aug 2, 2018 | ExplorAsia

Dear Readers,

If you have made it this far into the blog, well done! You made it! We made it! Today has been our final full day in Japan.

As last night’s kareoke ended around 05.00 AM, most of us had a slightly slow start this morning. Some set out on their hunt for some last souvenirs, and some set out to see some last sights.

However, the people who started their day in the most special way were Jeroen, Maartje and Bart: Watching the beautiful sunrise from the top of Mount Fuji, at 3,776.24 m high. When they came crawling back in the afternoon, none of us could wait to see the pictures and hear about the incredible adventure! They left for fuji yesterday and started climbing around 11 PM, and were able to enjoy the sunrise after a 6 hour climb. Another 4,5 hours back down before travelling back to Tokyo and finally getting some rest.

The last night in Tokyo was enjoyed in the Sinjiku district where the madness of Tokyo was felt for the last time.

For now we are grabbing our luggage and planning our final activities in Tokyo for tomorrow afternoon.

See you in Holland 😘

Kristine & Laura

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