Japan, here we come!

Jul 19, 2018 | ExplorAsia

Today’s blog is going to be a little shorter. This morning we left with a bit of sadness in our hearts (read this while doing a ‘money’ gesture with your hands; that means a heart in Korea). Why, you ask? Well, our beautiful time in South Korea had come to an end. During the course of last week, we experienced Korean culture, palaces and restaurants; creative, innovative and design companies; kimchi, kimbap and loads of noodles; subway, roof terraces and the hottest time of the day (2 PM): it is just too much to name it all.

At 10.30 we left the hostel in our black FBI vans (the same as the first day here) to race our way to Incheon airport, to get Alma to her flight back in time. After saying goodbye we parted ways with her, since she would travel back to the Netherlands while we were going on to the land of the rising sun (Nihon desu). And in what a beautiful plane! Peach airline has these purple, really purple planes which hurt your eyes maybe a little.

Everything went according to plan. After a not-special-but-quite-fine flight we landed at Osaka Kansai airport at 17.15. Hugging the solid ground, we reeled back to the approximately 40 degrees Celsius of the outdoor air and went quickly inside to get into the country.

FUN FACT! Osaka Kansai airport is actually on an islet 5 km off the cost of Osaka: and islet specially built for and thus equally big as the airport.

After a transfer by touring car, we got to our Very Hostel in Namba, and as expected, it was much wow. Although Korea was a lot of fun, Japan seems to have just a bit of extra, well, erm… luxury. We are looking forward to an amazing time in Japan! The first sushi has already been devoured (: (although some people missed Seoul so much they went out for Korean food first thing…)

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