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Jan 22, 2018 | ExplorAsia

On January 15th an information meeting has been held for everyone of the study trip. Every committee had some time to talk and inform the others about what they have been doing. The Logistics committee talked about the flights we will take and our travel schedule from city to city. We will go from Seoul to Busan to Osaka to Nara to Kyoto to Tokyo. Besides that they talked about possible cultural trips we could take, like visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul or the Asakusa Kannon-temple in Tokyo. Of course there are too many beautiful places to visit them all!

Asakusa Kannon-temple

Corporate Contact talked about the many companies and people they are in contact with and that there is always space for more! Corporate Identity talked about the study trip style they have been designing and the many documents they have created with it, like business cards, the travel booklet and the company brochure, which looks like this:

Part of the company brochure

Case coordination talked about the cases! This is going very well, many people already have been linked to a case and some cases are even already finished! In the future they will make sure every one has at least one case and keep guiding people during their case.

Finally information was given on the mandatory courses that everyone has to take. There are two: one research course, which is about researching a topic concerning technology in Japan or South Korea with a report and product design as deliverable. This will be done in the first half of coming semester and during the study trip itself. Secondly there is the theme course about machine learning which has been discussed in the previous post.

I hope that you have been informed well about the progress we are making towards this wonderful trip!

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