Corporate Identity

Jul 18, 2017 | ExplorAsia

The first committee we will take a closer look at is the Corporate Identity committee. This is also the one that I am part of. This committee does all the design work that needs to be done for the study trip. The first thing that we did was defining the style. We chose colors, fonts and made a logo. The logo can be seen on the Home page and the colors can actually be seen everywhere! I mean the pink, green, red and grey. We chose these colors because they are very common in either South Korea or Japan and they fit well together in our opinion. There is also an idea behind the logo: The pink half stands for Japan, land of the rising sun. The upper half stands for South Korea, land of the morning calm, which refers to its natural beauty of picturesque high mountains and clear waters.

After that, we designed the business cards. Corporate Contact needed them as soon as possible so that was our first priority task. After many iterations, we ended up with the design that you can see on the image below. We chose for this because it is simple and formal, but colorful as well. As you can see, we used the same colors again. Especially the flowers make the design unique and they break the trend of using straight lines and corners.

Business card design.

When that was finished, we divided tasks: The website, the company brochure, further managing the business cards and other small design things. Everyone is doing one of those tasks.

The company brochure is a booklet for companies with information about who we are, what we do and what this study trip is all about, and why they should support us. This is how it may be going to look but it is not yet finished!

Company brochure.

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