An exciting visit to Netmarble game company

Jul 17, 2018 | ExplorAsia

Today, July 17th, the day started off with some free time until 12 o’ clock. I myself went to a spa in Seoul called Dragon Hill, some others went souvenir shopping and some just went exploring the city. At 12 o’ clock we gathered again at the hostel to leave for Netmarble. After the briefing we left the hostel quite early, which after the metro ride gave everyone some time to have lunch in the Guro Digital Complex area of Seoul. At 13:45 everyone gathered at the Netmarble building again and we entered the building and Grace Kang accompanied us again, just like on Friday. To start off, everyone got a nice drink at the cafe inside the building.

When we entered the Netmarble building, everyone was quite surprised by the scale and the facilities of Netmarble. They had amongst others a relaxation and fitness room and a foot spa. They were definitely well prepared for our visit as when we entered we saw the following two things, see the photo’s below.

They had a very interesting presentation about their company, including detailed explanations about AI in their game development and publication. Our students are in general quite fond of gaming and were familiar with the Netmarble games. Everyone was very interested and asked a lot of questions in response to the nice presentations. All the participants received a very cute gift bag with Netmarble merchandise of ‘Keke’, the little yellow creature on the photo above.

On our way back, from the metro we saw the famous Han River that runs through the middle of Seoul.

In the evening, some people had dinner in the Guro Digital Complex area, others went back to the hostel first and had dinner around the hostel. As I’m writing this blog, we’re still on the roof of the Hostel and playing the famous werewolves game.


Good night and greetings from Seoul,

Hessel and Bart


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