Day 9 – 17/07/2022: Exploring Oslo!

Jul 17, 2022 | Breath of Technology

After settling in Oslo, everyone got the chance to explore Oslo! Since everybody now has their own small kitchen, people enjoyed their breakfasts together. One group made Dutch ‘wentelteefjes’ (french toast)!

After breakfast, there were a few warriors among us who went for a morning run.

Afterward, everyone split into multiple groups. Each group’s activities will be highlighted below.

One of the groups went on a tour along the river. Since it is quite a distance, they decided to take the electric steps. They found a beautiful swing underneath a bridge.

Afterward, they went to the botanical gardens, just like the second group did! The botanical gardens belong to the University for research purposes. There were many different types of gardens, each with its own unique landscape.

Lastly, two groups went to the Vigelandpark, a park filled with all kinds of statues representing humans. These statues show the cycle of human life, as well as that some have it easier than others. This was depicted in a big pillar of humans.

Close to the park, the royal palace is located. One of the groups went to have a look around there.

After everybody was home again after exploring the city, we decided to host a pancake party. Even Thea joined us! Every room made their own pancakes, after which we ate them together. We decided we wanted a great view, so we went to the roof terrace on the 9th floor!

And that concludes the 9th day. We are looking forward to the company visits that await us next week!

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