Day 5 – 13/07/2022: Ellure and EmbeddedArt

Jul 13, 2022 | Breath of Technology

The fifth day is almost coming to an end and therefore it is time to write another blog post! After getting out of bed and eating breakfast, the day officially started at 9.15 with a briefing from our two commissioners of today; Sebastiaan and Ben.

After a rather long and especially hot bus ride we arrived at the first company visit of today: Ellure.

Ellure is a start up which enables both consumers and other businesses to receive custom-made beauty products. In which they are incluse for people of all skin tones, they are sustainable and they produce their products locally. This start-up has developed “revolutionary mass-customization technology to produce liquid beauty products directly into your final packaging”. Ellure is located in the south of Stockholm and when we arrived we were welcomed by one of the founders of this start-up: Selah. And later on Marc, one of the other founders, joined as well. First we got a tour of the office in which they work. Afterwards, we walked towards their lab, which was located in another building. In the lab Selah gave an interesting presentation about their background and the idea behind this start-up. She told us how they ended up where they are now and their main motivation behind this company. It was interesting to see how the concepts of design, technology and business come back in both CreaTe, ITech and this startup.

After the presentation, we were able to make our own customized lipstick. A Proto green colour has been chosen. All the colours that were necessary for this final colour were added together in very precise proportions. Afterwards, the small bottle was mixed, which finally made our own Proto green lipstick. This lipstick of course had to be tested and the testers were Imke and Kasia!

Next also a red lipstick had been mixed which had been tested by Hannah, Renske and Floor.

This concluded the interesting visit at Ellure.

Then a (cool) metro ride took us to the central station of Stockholm. It was time for lunch, by then, so everyone went their own way for lunch. Shortly after lunch, everyone gathered together so that we could walk to the last company of today; EmbeddedArt. Since it is located in the city center, it was only a ten minute walk. There, we were welcomed by Stijn, a CreaTe alumnus who is employed there. Also Per, the CTO of the company, and Johannes, prototype engineer at EmbeddedArt, were there to welcome us. They welcomed us with drinks and an office tour. Then we listened to an interesting presentation about EmbeddedArt, which is a consulting company specializing in product development and consulting.

They especially focus on embedded systems, IoT, marine technology and (professional) diving. Stijn also shared his journey from CreaTe student to employee at EmbeddedArt, which was insightful to see how many options there are in professional life. After this presentation, there was a small break with drinks.

After the break Per gave us a small lecture about sonar. This was interesting to see, since this is one of their focus areas. Later, we played a special version of Battleship. We were divided into three teams; team blue, team red and team yellow. The goal was to destroy as many ships of the other teams as possible. During this workshop, pizza was delivered for dinner! Finally, the yellow team had destroyed the most ships and thus took the victory!

In the end, it was a long but fun and interesting day, with two cool and unique company visits! 🙂

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