Day 4 – 12/07/2022: IKEA Visit and Free Afternoon

Jul 12, 2022 | Breath of Technology

The fourth day – it is a wrap! Good weather put everyone in a good mood. Alarm clocks rang early and people went on the hunt for food to fuel themselves for a new day. This day was a bit less busy than the day before, but no less fun! The day started with singing and cheering since it was Alma’s birthday. Flags and cake from a local bakery in the morning put everyone in a good mood.

To make the day even better, our morning program was filled with a trip to IKEA. Philippe presented the students with a fun and interesting assignment. The group went into IKEA with a mission to find products that fit with the Creative Technology and/or Interaction Technology study and students. You might wonder, how many products from IKEA fit within that description? Well, you would be pleasantly surprised. There was only one product chosen two times, all other chosen products were unique from each other. The group went to write the reports on these products while enjoying the IKEA cuisine of ice cream and meatballs. You can find all the reports in another blog post here on this website!

After this trip to the IKEA, the program for the day was already done. Everyone was free to go do their own thing. People split up into groups to enjoy the day (and weather) in their way. While one group was chilling in the Tanto Strandbad, lying in the grass and cooling down in the water, another group went sightseeing on a boat tour! Some other students visited a park, walked around and went to the National Museum of Modern Art.

After a busy day of assignments and seeing more of this beautiful city, people went home to freshen up and sleep early, because tomorrow we have another two companies to enjoy! But you will hear about that in tomorrow’s post! 😉

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