Day 2 – 10/07/2022: Exploring Stockholm!

Jul 11, 2022 | Breath of Technology

The second day is almost coming to an end, so time for the daily blogpost! The day started off after a very nice (and long) night of sleep to recharge from yesterday. Everyone gathered in the diner downstairs of the hostel to enjoy a nice breakfast.

At the same time, Veronique was surprised with some gifts to celebrate her birthday!

Today no company visits were planned, which means the group had time to explore the city of Stockholm. For this the group split up into three smaller groups, we will highlight all the different activities which took place.
As true tourists, a tour of the city could not be missed. One group enjoyed the company of alumni and current local of Stockholm Benedetta. She guided the group through the streets of Stockholm where she explained all about the city and its background.

While they went on foot, another group decided to sail on the waters and enjoy a guided boat trip.

The third group visited the royal palace and explored the beautiful chambers and treasury of the royal family of Sweden. They also experienced the spectacular marching band during the change of guards!

After an afternoon full of exploring, most of the group joined together again to experience the wonders of the Ice Bar. This bar, as the name already might give away, is fully made out of ice! With ponchos and gloves the group entered the minus seven degrees bar to make some nice pictures and enjoy a few cocktails (in glasses made of ice of course).



After forty minutes of shivering in the cold, the ponchos could be taken off again. All those cold temperatures and cocktails made the group hungry, so all the groups enjoyed a very nice dinner. While some went to the Hard Rock café, the others went to enjoy some Italian food and Asian food to fill their bellies after a long day.



Tomorrow our first company visits will take place, so make sure to stay updated by reading the daily blog and following us on @foundation_ice on Instagram.

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