Day 17 – 25/07/2022: Full free day in Bergen!

Jul 25, 2022 | Breath of Technology

Today was the second free day in Bergen. Since it is also Kim’s birthday, we celebrated her with a small gift and some singing!

After having a nice and calm breakfast at the hostel, small groups went out to explore Bergen more. For example, one group climbed up the Håøytoppen mountain, where they encountered a spooky little house.

Some also dared to jump in a cold lake on the mountain. Brrrrrr

Other smaller groups went to the city center and explored different sights and museums, e.g. the Rosenkrantz tower, Hakonshallen, the tollbodkaia viewpoint or the very interesting Bryggens Museum.

We also explored a beautiful place called Gamlehaugen, which is a royal castle on the other side of the city.

After a lot of walking and hiking, some of us enjoyed a relaxing visit at the sauna!

At the end of the day, each small group had amazing dinner such as pasta, fish and chips or burgers.

Tomorrow is a busy day with our last 2 company visits, so stay updated! 😊

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