Day 16 – 24/07/2022: Conquering Mount Ulriken!

Jul 24, 2022 | Breath of Technology

Today marked our first day waking up in the cool fresh mountain air of Bergen. Today was the big day we would conquer Mount Ulriken, so the day started with a fulfilling breakfast in the hostel. Our new hostel in Bergen is the first place where breakfast is provided, which means no more hunting the 7-11 for breakfast or nurturing our roommates with self-baked eggs. The breakfast was simple but nutritious and gave the group enough motivation to start their journey on the mountain.

To conquer this highest peak in Bergen some groups heroically put on their good walking shoes (or in Ben’s case Converse sneakers) and started a rocky climb to the top.

The journey was rough at times, but beautiful views and a long absence of the predicted rain made it a pleasing climb. When they had reached the top they were met with the rest of the group who had taken the cable car up. Here the rain did decide to make its appearance and the group pictures are therefore characterised by drenched faces and flags that tried to fly off.

After the group pictures, the people that had climbed up took the cable car down and the others started their adventure walking down the mountain.

After this sportive outing the showers in the hostel were turned hot and with the comforting lunch of instant noodles we got to warm up again. The rest of the afternoon was spent in a relaxed manner playing board games, reading, watching formula 1 or playing table football in the hostel.

At the end of the afternoon, some groups went into the city for the first time to get dinner. A restaurant with a typical Norwegian menu was visited by some and local delicacies like whale steak, deer marinated in beer and plukkfisk were enjoyed. Another group decided on a Mexican menu and enjoyed tacos and burritos in the city, while a last group was so literally and figuratively drained that they felt the need to have McDonalds delivered to them in the hostel.

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