Day 1 – 09/07/2022: Travelling to Stockholm

Jul 10, 2022 | Breath of Technology

Welcome to our first blog post while being on the study trip. We are so happy to announce that we finally arrived in Stockholm! After 2 years of planning, rescheduling, and working very hard, the moment is finally here. All our hard work and preparations were not done in vain since we safely landed in Stockholm and found our beds in the Generator hostel.

Our journey started almost 12 hours earlier at the UT where we gathered at 04:15 to take a bus to Duivendrecht station.

A short train ride later we found ourselves inside Schiphol where we waited for everyone to join us to go to the check-in lines. Seeing the horror stories on social media, some of us were scared that we would maybe not be on time for our flight because of the long lines but we made it!

Even with about 20 minutes to spare until we had to board. Waiting in line still took up almost three hours but enough jokes were made to drag us through the day.

Taking off and went smooth, just like the one and a half our flight. The landing was a little rough, but everyone managed to keep their lunch inside. We quickly found our bags and waited outside for our shuttle bus to Stockholm Central Station.

The bus ride took us from the nature rich part of Stockholm right to the center. From there it was only a small walk to our hostel. Here everyone went their own way, but almost everyone was eager to start exploring Stockholm!

At dinner we gathered at the Nomad bar where we had dinner with everyone, sharing thoughts on our journey of the day, on the beautiful old center of Stockholm, and the journey ahead.

This tasty meal concluded our first day of the study trip and we are looking forward to all the other adventures we will encounter on this trip. Keep updated by following us on Instagram @foundation_ice and by checking this blog every day!

Cheers to a great study trip!


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