Creative Technology

The student participants of this studytrip are all students of the study ‘Creative Technology’ at University of Twente. This relatively new study is about developing new products and services that are fit to a certain target group, using the latest technology. In a way, Creative Technologists (CreaTers) could be seen as inventors! The study is fully taught in English and accepts people with many different profiles. ¬†All these students, with¬†different cultural and educational backgrounds, can develop themselves in the way that is best for them, because the study provides a wide variety of courses. CreaTers learn to work with all sorts of tools, varying from the open source micro controller ‘Arduino’ to 3D modeling software ‘Maya’. After three years, CreaTers are T-shaped professionals: they have basic knowledge of many tools, and are specialized in what they like the most.

Study description at University of Twente website.

YouTube channel of Creative Technology.

Instagram account of Creative Technology.