To give an impression of the abilities of our students, we would like to present you a list of example cases that already have been done for the previous study trip. A lot of different parties have contributed to the previous study trip.

Some example cases are: Menperium ‘Driven by essence’ has hired one of our students for the translation of their dutch website. This is a startup of Clemens Mensink and Fabienne Heijne. They have founded this startup because they have the desire to help companies with finding their true essence and how to present this. Clemens and Fabienne are both from The Netherlands and wanted to appeal a bigger audience.By translating their website to English, they hope to target a bigger audience in The Netherlands and surroundings.

The University of Twente organises different festivals and activities for students and startups. It is important to them to record some of these activities and since multiple students have experience with photography and videography a case had been constructed regarding the creation of these promotional materials. This case included the editing afterwards in order to deliver a polished end product.

Another big part of the skills of our students is the knowledge of web design. Different cases have been done regarding the front end and back end of website building for the companies: Wintheon management services BV and Charlie Bravo BV.

El Niño is a web company out of the area of Twente who is determined to build state of the art applications. Using technology they focus on helping customers reduce their costs and improve their profit. Currently students from the University of Twente are employed at El Niño and they have also offered ICE a case concerning designing an application for a football table. This table will be able to automatically keep score and will send this towards a mobile application for the current users of the table to interact with.

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