Application procedure

Unfortunately we cannot take everyone on our studytrip to South Korea and Japan, so to make a fair selection we ask you to apply for the studytrip. Beneath is a list of the documents and information we would like to receive from you for the application to the studytrip. To be eligible to go with us on the studytrip, you have to be at least 2nd years student at the University of Twente and you need to have earned at least 90 EC, both at the time of traveling. When any special circumstances arise, or you have a question about a specific situation, please contact us at

When applying please send us:

  • Curriculum Vitae, this does not need to be a formal CV. We are mostly interested in your relevant experiences.
  • Motivational Letter
  • Portfolio/what are your skills, tell us a bit about what you like to do and/or what you are good at in the Creative Technology aspect. We need this to match cases to your interests.
  • Study progress + study plan (amount of EC’s earned and amount you plan on earning in the coming year)
  • Have you been on any other UT study trips? Have you used the UT studytrip subsidies before?

Please send all files in pdf or as a link to a website to up until the 19th of March!

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Filing an objection to the rule in Category 1 is possible until March 30th.