Application procedure

Unfortunately we cannot take everyone on our studytrip to South Korea and Japan, so to make a fair selection we ask you to apply for the studytrip. Beneath is a list of the documents and information we would like to receive from you for the application to the studytrip. To be eligible to go with us on the studytrip, you have to be at least 2nd years student at the University of Twente and you need to have earned at least 90 EC, both at the time of traveling. When any special circumstances arise, or you have a question about a specific situation, please contact us at

When applying please send us:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivational Letter
  • Portfolio/what are your skills
  • Study progress + study plan (amount of EC’s earned and amount you plan on earning in the coming year)
  • Have you been on any other UT study trips? Have you used the UT studytrip subsidies before?

Please send all files in pdf or as a link to a website.

Info about the trip

  • The study trip will take place in the summer of 2018.
  • 25 students and professors will be selected from all applications to partake in the studytrip.
  • interested students and professors can send in their applications until the 19th of March
  • selection procedure will take place from the 20th of March.
  • at the latest on the 20th of April the selection results will be published.
  • the studytrip will cost between €1000 – €1400 per person. (final price depends on personal situation)
  • during the studytrip you will visit lots of interesting and cool companies in Japan and South Korea. Some interesting companies we hope to visit are: Nintendo, Samsung, Wacom, Nikon and Toyota.
  • as preparation for the studytrip a theme course will be set up for all the participants to take. This will consist of research and extra classes.
  • next to the theme course every participant is expected to do a certain amount of hours in casework to help pay for the studytrip and gain experience in working for companies. Time spent on cases is approximately 40 hours.
  • travelling in Japan or South-Korea before or after the trip is possible, but this has to be mentioned on time!