Day 20 – 28/07/2022: Saying goodbye!

Jul 29, 2022 | Breath of Technology

After two long years of hard work, the study trip has suddenly come to an end. It feels like we have been on this trip for ages, yet time passed so quickly. Remembering how early our alarm went off to be on time for the bus to go to Schiphol feels like a year ago, or yesterday. As all the participants of the trip woke up for early breakfast on our travel day, everyone was packing their bags as if it was a last goodbye to the trip. Part of it felt like we were ready to go home, but at the same time, there was a part that did not want to leave the trip yet. I think most participants felt this way. The trip was hard work and everyone was a bit tired, but at the same time, everyone had so much fun. We were greeted in the morning with breakfast from the hotel. And what a breakfast it was! The buffet was maybe out of a students league, but we had breakfast like we were on top of the world! This was great fuel for everyone to start a long day of travelling. Because of the long waiting times at Schiphol, we were prepared to face such waiting times again and we were at the airport of Bergen quite early. Check-in and security went without a hitch; before we knew it we were waiting for our plane home. After a short 1,5 hours of flight, our plane touched Dutch grounds again and we were home suddenly. From Schiphol, people parted their ways. Some went on another vacation, others went to their parent’s homes. A small group travelled all the way back to Enschede. All participants of the study trip Breath of Technology 2022 want to thank you for joining us on this journey to Scandinavia. For us, it has been a long and tough road, but it was completely worth it. We have learned so much about… everything! Our cases, the lectures we had to follow, the assignments we had to do, the companies we visited and the questions we asked them, it all painted a clearer picture of who we are as students and what we can do. Once again, thank you for supporting and following us, and we will see you on another study trip!

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