Yesterday we finally arrived at our final destination, Tokyo. Today was our first encounter with this big city. Since it was a sunday, no company visits were planned. So we had a cultural day. The morning started with a visit to the Sumida Hokusai museum. Here the artworks of Hiroshi and Hokusai were showed, a famous manga artist and a traditional artist.

Nearby the museum was a big playground, it was hard to recist this so we were able to play here too. Next we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment building to enjoy the amazing view of Tokyo from above. In the afternoon we went to the famous Tokyo square where it was BIG and BUSY. Here we enjoyed some free time to check out this place with lots of shops, big cars and lots of crossings. We learned that getting to know the subway traffic can be quite tough, with so much different lines and weird names. In the evening we had some good dinner together and enjoyed some beers. Afterwards there was a firework festival going on, some enjoyed it from the rooftop and some more close from the bridge next to it. All in all a fun first day!