After a couple of busy and long days, the group finally had the chance to sleep in. At 9, everyone rolled out of bed to pack their bags and eat breakfast, before moving on to Kyoto’s main station.

This was not a very easy task, as busses and lots of luggage often don’t get along. Furthermore, a national warning had been given for a typhoon that would cover most of Japan’s mainland. We didn’t really know what to expect, and as we had to travel to Tokyo anyway, it didn’t really stop us.
The Shinkansen that was taken to Tokyo gave us some more time to relax, to take some time to read, eat, sleep, or play some games (like Pokémon for example).

Arriving in Tokyo, the typhoon that we had been warned for could be felt a bit. It was rainy and stormy, a bit like the Dutch general weather!

It was advised to stay inside between 7 and 9pm, so the group got to a nice dining place nearby to eat and then went to the hostel. There, a couple of games (Exploding Kittens, Jenga, etc.) were played enthusiastically. A small group also went and explored the streets of Japan’s biggest city for a bit, seeing and experiencing Tokyo’s nightlife.

Today had been a really relaxed day, the group only traveled to Tokyo and there was no busy schedule (also partly because of the weather). Tomorrow, however, a nice cultural day is planned! We will go to an art museum, where both traditional Japanese art is showcased, as well as Japanese manga artworks. Furthermore, we will visit the Metropolitan Building to enjoy Tokyo’s beautiful skyline, and finally the famous Shibuja Square will be visited. We are excited for tomorrow, and curious as to what Tokyo will bring us!

– Dani & Peet