Dear readers,

Today we showed our Dutch cycling skills to the citizens of Kyoto, and navigated the sweltering streets by bike. Luckily we had a lovely Italian tour guide who showed us around the cities hotspots. On our way we passed Buddhist temples and shrines, Japanese gardens, and Geisha houses. It was really hot to be on a bycicle, but our destinations were breathtaking. We quickly realized that many of us were quite heavily burned, which surely will give us some amusing tan lines in the next few days!

After the tour we split up and went our own way. Some of the groups were brave enough to keep on cycling through the hot streets, whereas others preferred public transport and air conditioning, which seemed more reasonable for those suffering from the beginnings of a heatstroke. Next stop was the Nishiki market where we had some delicious Japanese food before heading off to the famed bamboo forest, where we were spoiled by the view, the clouds (which made the air feel slightly cooler) and the gorgeous sights. We has some delicious soft serve ice cream, including the green tea flavour (my favourite).


Kristine and Laura