Yesterday we went to Hiroshima for an impressive trip. Today was the time for another company visit to Optex as well as a nice cultural visit to the templesĀ of Nara.

After a couple of early mornings, it would have been great to take some time for sleep. Unfortunately, today was not that day as today we also had to get out of bed by 6:30 AM. After everyone had their breakfast and was properly dressed, we left for Optex. It was originally planned to go to Optex in a full suit. However, due to the kinda high temperatures here in Japan, we decided that the men could leave their jackets at the hostel.

So, after a conveniently only having to take one bus, we arrived at Optex. This company focusses on the creation of sensors and LEDs. First, we were welcomed and received two presentations. The first was on some general information about the company, while the second was about the skills required to becoming a successful businessman.

Once the presentations were over we had the opportunity to see the R&D department of Optex. Finally, there was the opportunity to ask questions in a smallĀ Q&A. After which we left Optex to go to Nara.



Since the heat was still very present we had taken some lighter clothes with us to Nara. So after an interesting toilet break, most of our “2.5-star” clothing had been exchanged for a bit more heat tolerant clothing and we went on our way to Nara.

Nara is the place of very nice temples as well as the home of a lot (and than I mean a lot) of deer. These deer are very accustomed to the tourists walking around the temples and even learned to bow to acquire some amount of food. Since there is a lot to view everyone could go their own way and had to get back to the hostel on their own. So I would say, enjoy the photos accompanying this blog post, while we enjoy a small drink after a nice day.